Packing & Preparation Tips:

*Preparation Tips*

Travel Documents–You will need a valid passport.  Check now to make sure your passport is up-to-date!

Transfers–It is now legal to pick up charters on boats under 80 ft. with more than 6 guests in the USVI.  However, some yachts may still require a BVI point of disembarkation.  Should you need to arrange a charter flight or ferry ride to a BVI pick-up, we can assist with any necessary arrangements.  Some of the small charter flight companies do not answer their phones on the weekends, so be sure to have a back-up emergency number or your charter pilot’s number should there be any last minute delays.  

*Packing Tips*

Repeat after me…  Pack Light!  Pack Light!  Pack Light!!!

Luggage–Storage is limited, so plan to pack in a collapsible duffle or rolling duffle bag.  No hard shell suitcases.

Carry-OnWe HIGHLY recommend carry-on size only!!  If your luggage gets lost, you will not be seeing it for your charter vacation trip.  Plan to pack light and carry-on so that your luggage is with you at all times and goes with you on the boat!

Clothes & Swimwear–Island casual is the name of the game!  Swimsuits and cover-ups go on first thing in the morning.  If you do any island activities, shopping or excursions during the day, swimsuits and cover-ups are generally fine!  For dinner, shorts for the guys and sundresses for the girls.  Shoes are usually the downfall for the ladies, but don’t fall into the shoe trap!!  Leave the cute wedge sandals behind–you won’t need them!  Flip-flops work everywhere.  Have a pair of flip-flops that are ok for the beach, sand and getting wet and if you may want a second pair of dry ones for dinner if you dine off the boat.  Otherwise, you will not be wearing shoes while on the boat.  

Sunscreen–Since you are going to try your best to use a carry-on and NOT check luggage, you will want to arrange for your crew to buy some sunscreen.  Most yachts have sunscreens and toiletries (shampoo, soap & conditioner) onboard as a standard item, but be sure to check on this before your departure. Sunscreen is an easy thing to pick up on the islands, but it does have a bit of an island upcharge fee attached.

Prescription Medications–Access to pharmacies are limited, so please be sure to remember any prescription medications.

Dry-bag, waterproof phone case or waterproof cameraYou will have some water excursions and dingy rides where it is nice to have your smartphone for pictures and it is even nicer if it doesn’t get water-logged! Consider a waterproof case. Also consider an underwater camera for capturing amazing snorkeling discoveries.  

Optional:  Snorkel & Mask–Almost all yachts have their own snorkel equipment.  However, if you have your own mask and snorkel, it is nice to use your own.  We often take our own mask and snorkel and use the fins that the boat offers.

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