Why Us

Version 2Why book with Chillaxin’ Charters?

We are here because of our pure love for sun, sand and sails–and a nice powerboat or mega-yacht certainly gets us excited too!! We want to share that excitement and love for chartering so our clients can experience it first hand!  

Chartering can be an overwhelming process. There are so manyScreen Shot 2016-01-08 at 10.20.38 AM beautiful boats and awesome crews out there! How do you know which one to pick? Will the boat you want be available for the dates you need? Will it fit into your budget? What does “all inclusive really mean?” What does APA mean?  Will the crew be fun?  How much do you budget to tip the crew? Will the boat have the toys you and your guests are hoping to enjoy? The questions are endless! We can help answer all of your FAQ’s and match you with the best possible boat and crew available!

*We offer the FUN side in Charter Vacations.  We do our fair share of CHILLAXIN’ as you probably figured out from our name, but when it comes to having a good time on the islands, we can point you in the right direction!

*We have access to several data bases of Crewed Catamarans, Monohulls and Luxury Yachts–so many that we don’t want to overwhelm you with them all on the website. If you don’t see a perfect fit on the website, do not worry!  We’ll find it!

*We have the inside track on the boats and the crews.  Attending the broker shows helps keep us up-to-date on the conditions of the boats and in-tune with the personality of the crew.

*We will take the time to LISTEN to what YOU are hoping to get out of the charter vacation and we will provide activity suggestions to experience along your journey.

*We can assist you in flight charters or ferry’s to get to your destination.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 10.17.11 AM


Click to CONTACT US via email NOW!

Or, CALL Robyn at 847-867-9181 to get started!


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