Leeward & Windward Islands

Leeward Islands–Include Anguilla, Antigua, St. Barths, St. Maarten to name a few.

Windward Islands–Include Barbados, Grenada, Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent Grenadine Islands, Mustique to name a few.

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Chartering the Leeward and Windward Islands is a unique adventure of beauty and occasional star gazing–the celebrity type star gazing!  St. Barths is known for it’s white sand beaches, chic hotels and designer shops and is a popular mega-yacht charter area for celebrities.  

Some popular BVI based yachts may not be able to schedule charters in in the Leeward and Windward Islands because of scheduling and travel time conflicts.  If you are interested in these islands, we recommend booking your charter well in advance so your yacht of preference can allow the proper passage time.

We recommend first time Charter Clients “get their feet wet” in the BVI and ultimately work up to exploring the Leeward & Windward Islands.

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