Best BVI Spas

We have 2 BVI favorites in this category, but there are a few other offerings if the sails place you on another island.

Our top 2 picks:


peterislandspaThe Spa At Peter Island is one of the most beautiful settings you will come across in the BVI! You just have to go see it for yourself because words will never do it justice! Your captain/crew can drop you off at the main resort dock and you will take a short resort van ride through the property to the top of one of the island peaks where the views are breathtaking. pano1


 We always “grade” our massages and have never had less than an “A” here!  True luxury!  After your treatments, enjoy the pool or hot tub with a view of the stunning turquoise water.  Or, you can shuttle back down to the main resort area because spa guests have a “day pass” allowing them to enjoy the private resort for the day!

So, sprawl out on a beach lounger to soak in the sun on the picturesque beach.  Find the most photographed palm tree in the BVI in this white sand bay! Then, stroll over to the Beach Restaurant to enjoy some lunch.  No hurries and no worries here–you will find yourself relaxed and on true Island Time!



SENSE, A Rosewood Spa  is another top notch choice.  Again, the view of the Sir Francis Drake Channel and the resort below is simply breathtaking.  It is a picture of peace and serenity and will drop your blood pressure a notch just by stepping foot onto the spa grounds and breathing in the fresh island air.  The spa staff will pamper you during your treatments.

If you have other guests on your boat not doing spa treatments, the Little Dix Bay is a great place to enjoy some water activities with the crew or play around on the beautiful white sand beach.  The Beach Restaurant at Little Dix is also highly recommended.  They might be known for a jalepeno infused margarita!  Go ahead and ask for one!

**Tip–At either spa, be sure to ask if your treatment room will be enclosed or if it can be open air to allow the true nature sounds vs. the pumped in version! They might try to upcharge you if it’s high season, but if it’s a slow day, you might try to sweet talk yourself into an upgraded room!  wink-wink:)

NOTE–As with any spa, experiences may vary depending on the treatment provider and the particular day, so please use this as our DISCLAIMER to “Spa at your own Risk!”


Other BVI Spa Options–We have not yet had first hand experience with the spas below, but here are a few other options if they meet your itinerary better.

SCRUB ISLAND RESORT, SPA & MARINAIXORA SPA  Scrub island is known for it’s high end luxury and service so we are assuming the spa standards will be just as high.  The spa is positioned above the resort on the hillside with views of the Marina, Marina Cay and The Great Camonoe Island.

LEVERICK BAY RESORT & MARINA, VIRGIN GORDATHE SPA AT LEVERICK BAY has a unique menu of treament services.  Be sure to check out their website and see if one might be right for you!

MYETT’S at CANE GARDEN BAY, TORTOLA— THE SEA SPA is a little less luxurious than the other suggestions, but will still get you some nice spa services should you feel the urge.  Might be a great place to do a mani-pedi touch up! The people at Myett’s Cane Garden Bay are as nice as they come, so our guess is you would be in goods hands (pun intended)!

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