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Your Charter Vacation can be as ACTIVE or INACTIVE as you choose!  Some days you might want to Chillax with a book on the nets of your catamaran or in a lounge chair on your yacht, and some days you may want to kick up the speed for some water sports and entertainment.  Many of the options depend on your boat, your crew, and the toys offered onboard.  Other options depend on the islands you are visiting.  Below is a sample of activities many boats and islands might have to offer for extra FUN!!

SCUBA DIVING-Most boats require guests to be PADI certified in order to Scuba Dive.  Some boats have a certified Dive Master on board to serve as your guide and will have tanks and equipment necessary.  Other boats will arrange a dive for you with one of the local diving companies.  As you are selecting your yacht for charter, please keep be this difference in mind.

SNORKELING-Your crew should know all of the popular snorkeling spots and hopefully a few secret hidden gems!  The Caves at Norman Island, The Indians off Pelican Island, The Baths at Virgin Gorda, Monkey Point at Guana Island, along with some hot spots off Salt Island, Cooper Island and Ginger Island should be among your hot spots to find!   We have been lucky enough to follow sting rays, swim with schools of iridescent baby jellyfish (yes, that was pretty freaky!), view nurse sharks and enjoy some rather large sea turtles in their natural element!  Such an adventure watching the colorful tropical fish, the living coral reef and avoiding the sea urchin! (not to worry, they aren’t hard to avoid!)

TUBING-A popular activity for the kids onboard to enjoy is tubing!  It’s an easy water toy for the crew to blow up and dingy around a quiet cove to hear the giggles and fun of the kids!

WATER SKIING-Experienced or newbie, your crew may have skis on board and can test out your water skiing skills!

STAND-UP PADDLE BOARDs (SUP’s)-Another popular activity around the islands!  Challenge your balance and call it a core workout for the day as you use your SUP around the bay and soak in the sounds and sights of the nature around you.



KAYAKING-Always a fun way to get some exercise in while living on a boat!  Some kayaks even have a glass bottom view for some hopeful spotting of the colorful fish below!

OTHER WATER TOYS–Sea Bob’s are all the rage right now.  If you are lucky enough to charter a boat with one, you will really enjoy using this water toy!


Ok, so the next one isn’t really a water activity, but you have to get there by the dingy dock, so why not put it here?!

HIKING-Many of the Islands have short trails for beginners and the “let’s call this exercise” types or advanced trails to the hillside peaks for the “I can’t sit still on vacation” (aka Overachiever) types!  Whichever you are, a little nature hike is recommended at some point!  Our favorite is the MANGROVE TRAIL from Biras Creek to Bitter End Yacht Club.

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